The River Derwent Masterplan

The River Derwent Ferry Service Masterplan will guide the expansion of ferry services on the River Derwent. It proposes potential new ferry sites and potential services.

As well as Hobart and Bellerive, the Masterplan identifies the best places to add ferry services as:

  • Lindisfarne
  • Howrah
  • Wilkinsons Point
  • Sandy Bay
  • Regatta Point
  • Kingston Beach

Direct routes from the eastern shore may be first, as they could be quicker by ferry than car, helping ease congestion. Next may be longer and connecting routes such as linking in Wilkinsons Point, Regatta Point, Sandy Bay, and Kingston Beach.

Public consultation for the draft Masterplan has now ended. The feedback that has been received is currently being reviewed.

On this site you will find: